LIONS FC Donate Balls To African Students

JoyIn August 2013, Lions FC was approached by club members Lyndon & Kathy Armstrong, who are part of a group which is sponsoring the building of a new school outside Nairobi in Kenya – Lyndon & Kathy asked if the club would donate some soccer balls for the school’s ongoing use (considering these African children most times use “balls” stuffed with grass). Lions was happy to donate 6 new balls from our Juniors to the Armstrongs for their recent trip to Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

Balls were presented to 3 schools & an orphanage in Kenya, and children in Tanzania – here are some quotes from the Armstrongs’ report on their visit, and photographs taken:

We presented a soccer-ball each to 3 schools, including the one we are helping build at Mlolongo outside Nairobi, Kenya (“1st Joy Academy”) with private donations from Australians. Many can’t afford the fees at government schools, or come from AIDS affected families, or those without adequate food or income. The ball we presented there was an instant hit, even with the teachers, as the photo shows.

The other schools receiving soccer-balls were Kisii and Sirwa both in north-western Kenya near Lake Victoria. Both had even more primitive school conditions and therefore needs than Mlolongo. We were at Kisii school for 4 hours and the ball was played all that time, even by the mothers when the kids had to stop for lunch. Since it was a bare red earth playing ground, the ball didn’t remain white for long.

sirwa school

(referring to one of the children in Tanzania) He was ecstatic at receiving a real ball; usually he kicks around plastic bags tied up with string in the rough shape of a ball.

A simple gift – one that so many of our children take for granted – and yet it will bring enjoyment to those children in Africa for months to come.

If anyone would like further information on the Armstrongs’ African ventures, and wish to offer their support, Lyndon & Kathy can be contacted via email on

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