On Saturday 10th August, as part of Football Brisbane’s ‘Enough is Enough’ campaign, we are holding a Silent Saturday.

We are asking our teams to support Silent Saturday and for all parents and spectators to unite in this initiative for the benefit of our young players, referees and game leaders.

Why do we need a silent Saturday?
The main purpose of silent Saturday is to let our young players play and have fun without worrying about how their performance is affecting the adults on the sidelines.  This also applies to our Referees and Game Leaders who can make decisions without worrying about verbal questioning from parents and spectators.

Silent Saturday Objectives:

  • Re-emphasise that the game is for our players to simply play and have fun.

  • Give our players a chance to play, learn and enjoy the game on their initiative.

  • Completely eliminate the verbal questioning of referees or game leaders’ decisions and/or ability.

  • Reaffirm to parents and coaches that our players DO NOT need constant direction to enjoy their match.

What’s expected from spectators?
Whilst they are unable to make verbal comments on the game or direct any comments on the game to the players, referees, game leaders or instructing referees – on or off the field… Clapping is allowed!  Sit back and enjoy watching the kids play.

Coaches & Managers:
Coaches and Managers have an important part to play in this as they have the opportunity to set a great example to their players and the parents by showing that the game is for the players and to refrain from any communication to the referee or game leader. Coaches will be able to speak quietly to players on the bench and address the players in a normal tone before and after the game and during the half time break.

Ground Officials have been asked to move around fields on the day and remind spectators to follow the Silent Saturday rules.

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