Lions Aiming To Kick Goals In Futsal

In the search of becoming a whole Football club, Lions FC is proud to announce it has been accepted in to the 2019 SEQ Futsal League. Futsal is the most popular off-season sport for football players, and we are now proud to offer a 12-month offering for our male and female players to help continue the development pathway.

Lions FC has merged with Alleti FC and will take over the responsibility of managing the teams moving forward. Head Coach for Alleti FC, Marty Calvert had this to say about the new relationship with Lions FC “This is a big step forward for Futsal. In my time in the sport, I haven’t seen a football club of this size support Futsal in this way. On the flip side, I know Futsal can provide many benefits to footballers and having this association will be of benefit to both codes.

Lions FC General Manager, Rob Scanlon said this about the new offer for the club “This is an exciting move for the club and one we see can help us close the circle of becoming a full Football Club. This year we also started up and supported our Powerchair team and now the Futsal. A large proportion of our players play Futsal in the off season so now we can work with them in a more controlled environment with coaching and structures supported by the club”.

Mr Calvert said about Lions FC’s chances in the SEQ League “It’sdifficult to say at this point as we are yet to finalise our squads, but we already have very good talent committed to playing for Lions FC in some age groups. We also know that there are a large number of Lions FC junior footballers that currently play Futsal at other clubs.  We are looking forward to the opportunity to work with these players and develop their skills and understanding of the game”.

Trial dates for the new squads will be announced in the coming days so be sure to follow our Facebook page and website for updates on venues and times.

For any business looking at sponsorship opportunities for these squads please feel free to contact the club at

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