Our Lions Juniors did our club proud earlier this month, with eight different teams playing in the Grand Finals after a successful 2023 campaign.

We are proud to announce that five of our Juniors team were successful on the big stage, lifting the Championship trophy after strong campaigns. Congratulations to everybody involved; this represents a massive success for the club, and we are incredibly proud of our academy sides.

FQA 1 U13s Girls

Our FQA 1 U13s Girls faced off against Logan Lightning in the Samford Parklands, lifting the double with a 1-0 victory on the day. They also completed the Premiership after a fantastic campaign. Congratulations to Danielle, Gobi, Manager Kerri, and our U13s Girls for a successful season!

FQA U13 Boys (McKain)

Our FQA U13 Boys (McKain) took on Peninsula Power in the Samford Parklands, securing a 1-0 victory on a sunny Saturday morning. Congratulations to the parents, coaching staff, and hard-working players on a massive Grand Final victory.

U13 Div 1 Girls

Our U13 Div 1 Girls put up a valiant fight at O’Callaghan Park, falling short with a 2-1 defeat against a strong Pine Hills outfit. Congratulations to Coach Beatriz and the girls for a remarkable effort; we look forward to watching your continued growth in 2024.

FQA 3 U14 Boys

Our FQA 3 U14 Boys took to the field against Mitchelton FC, facing off at Imperial Corp Stadium in an intense Grand Final. They were on the wrong side of a 2-0 result, but we are incredibly proud of the hard work they put in to reach the final stage. Congratulations to Coach Luke, managers Terrance and Fiona, and the talented U14s boys for a great effort! We’ll see you in 2024.

FQA U14 Div 1 Boys

Our U14s Div 1 Boys battled Springfield United FC at Hubner Park, taking the game to Extra-Time in a thrilling 4-3 victory. After beginning the 2023 campaign in Division 2, our U14s were promoted to Division 1, where they rose to the challenge and achieved an amazing Grand Final victory. Congratulations to Bailey, Jade, Angela, and the entire U14s team for a sensational effort throughout the season.

FQA 1 U15 Girls

Our FQA 1 U15s Girls took on Eastern Suburbs in the Samford Parklands, putting up a strong fight but ultimately finished as runners-up. Well done to coaches Catherine and Kyle, Manager Shawn and the rest of the girls on a fantastic season and a great effort.

FQA 1 U16 Boys

Our FQA 1 U16 Boys play their Grand Final at the Samford Parklands, securing the Championship title and completing the double. Ashton Marsh scored twice before a late winner from Trey King helped them complete the Championship and Premiership double. Well done to everybody involved. What a great season for our U16s!

FQA 1 U17 Girls

Our FQA 1 U17 Girls played in the Samford Parklands, facing off against Gold Coast United in a thrilling Grand Finals. Our U17s secured the victory, completing a Premiership and Championship double after a unified performance. Chloe Kerswell sealed the victory with two goals on the day, bringing her tally to 50 goals scored across 2023. Congratulations to Seb and the team for an incredible achievement.

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